PROGRAM & ACTION The Nature Conservation Society of Japan(NACS-J) Our policy is ensure healthy ecosystem and biological diversity based on scientific and social approaches.

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Anywhere! Anyone! Anytime! Let's watch your neighbouring nature

Anywhere! Anyone! Anytime!
Let's watch your neighbouring nature

We conducted training course for NACS-J Nature Conservation Educators. They are volunteer leaders for local nature watching and conservation. The framework of training course was established in 1978 and made continuous improvements. More than 24,000 people have registered. It's become largest nationwide volunteer networks in Japan.

Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.

Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. cosponsored NACS-J Nature Conservation Educators training course, and employees have acted as the volunteer leader of natural observation and environmental conservation activities.

Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.

National Nature Survey is one of the most typical program on our nature conservation education policy, started in 1995. NACS-J sets different watching targets every year, develops original survey manual and calls for date collection nationwide. The outcome provides us the latest biodiversity trends and solution for halting the loss of biodiversity.

Survey framework has cooperative structure. Scientist and experts, medias, companies, student interns, volunteers and many children join our partners. This project has also educational effects itself. That is, through this survey, citizen become aware of their neighboring nature and its importance.

We have focused;

2006 Grasshopper
2006 Grasshopper
2007 Cicadas
2007 Cicadas
2008 Mantis
2008 Mantis
2009 Spring Water
2009 Spring Water

Akaya & Aya project

Anywhere! Anyone! Anytime! Let's watch your neighbouring nature

First pilot project on integrated
biodiversity management in Japan

Biodiversity restration is one of key future challenges. NACS-J, close cooperation with Forest Agency, local government, scientist and local community, is carrying on AKAYA and AYA project.

Actions for Restration based on Ecosystem Approach

Restration of ecosystem process :

2006 Grasshopper
The first case of Dam removal in Japan
2007 Cicadas
Forest restration through resilience of forest ecosystem


Nikon Corporation supports research activities, through provision of telescopes, binoculars, digital cameras, microscopes and so on. And they make the guidebook which introduces Akaya forest ecosystem and contributes to environmental education.



Shiseido Social Contribution Club “Camellia Fund” has been supporting the AKAYA project.
Employees and their families are participating in environmental conservation activities as volunteers.


Citizen-based monitoring

SATOYAMA monitoring Program: Key tools for sustainable society

Anywhere! Anyone! Anytime! Let's watch your neighbouring nature

SATOYAMA is complex rural landscape in Japan. It contains semi-natural forest, rice paddy field, grassland, stream, pond and etc, as well as social and cultural properties and activities. Those areas have been maintained by traditional agriculture and minor subsistences. SATOYAMA also provides various habitats and maintains high biodiversity.

We developed nine type of monitoring manual (mammal, bird, water quality, plants, vegetation map, butterfly, harvest mouse, frog, firefly), disseminate them and establish nationwide monitoring-sites network. As of April 2008, more than 200 sites are monitored by local volunteers.

Collected data from monitoring-site are compiled and evaluated by our science boards. Up-to-date status and trend of biodiversity at national and local level will be expressed by a series of biodiversity indicators.


FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation is supporting mammals investigation of "Monitoring Sites 1000 Satoyama" which currently conducted at about 50 sites across the country.
They offer the films for camera trap and development cooperation of new digital sensor camera, and these supports contributes to reveal the mammals fauna of "Satoyama" ecosystem.


"Fureai" Survey - relationship between people and nature

Anywhere! Anyone! Anytime! Let's watch your neighbouring nature

Fureai Survey is achieving sustainable regional livelihood as well as coexistence with nature based on wish of local people.


  • Rediscover, protect and succeed local precious contact with people and nature in the region.
  • Overlay data of contact between people and local nature and biological and environmental researches and utilize outcome as common information for nature conservation and city planning.

Two components of Fureai survey

  • Recognition of local values and knowledges including historical wisdom, technic and culture, built up through local livelihood
  • Visualizing local memories, wishes and opinions for local nature in future

Measures for Fureai survey

  • Regional meeting, questionnaire of experiences in nature
  • Field study, Interview
  • Fureai mapping workshop

Effective management of protection area

Nakaikemi-shicchi(wetland), a Ramsar desigrated site

Nakaikemi-shicchi, a Ramsar desigrated site

Nakaikemi-shicchi in Fukui prefecture is famous for unique topographic feature called sac-like waste-filled valley, its rarity of world prominent 40 meters deep peat layers created over a hundred thousand years, and its abundant biodiversity. It is just 25ha wetland but over 3,000 species inhabit there.

It was in danger by a construction project of natural gas station in 1992. In response, environmental conservation movement had happened mainly by group of local residents. We NACS-J also joined the conservation movement. Whence, the project was halted in 2002 and almost all parts of the site became public land of Tsuruga city.

After that, we NACS-J had been cooperating with the local residents and doing activities such as monitoring survey, trying to designate the area under the Ramsar Convention, and doing a workshop for making conservation plan. As a result of efforts, the area designated as internationally protected wetland under the Ramsar Convention in July 2012. However, Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency(JRTT) announced newly approved railroad construction plan, in which Hokuriku bullet train supposed to pass through designated area just after the designation, August, 2012.

To protect Nakaikemi shicchi over the future, we have been working for making a conservation plan and negotiating with relevant stakeholder such as Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to stop the construction plan.





(Translation cooperation)
Hajime Sato, Kumi Isobe, Makiko Aragane, Maya Sato, Tomomi Sudo, Eri Matsuura


SISPA ---Strategic Information System for Protected Areas

Anywhere! Anyone! Anytime! Let's watch your neighbouring nature

We collect three type of geographical information (inportant area, protected area and threatened area) and utilize for conservation priority setting, protected area design and sophisticated information management.

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