About Us

The Nature Conservation Society of Japan(NACS-J) Our policy is ensure healthy ecosystem and biological diversity based on scientific and social approaches.

Who we are ?

We are an independent and advocacy NGO dedicated ourselves to conservation of ecosystem and biological diversity around 60 years.

Conserving nature 60 years --- A Brief History

  • In 1949, to protect the Oze Marsh from hydroelectric dam construction project, our predeccesor, "The Oze Marsh Conservation Union", was formed by local biologists and mountain climbers.
  • In 1951, The Nature Conservation Society of Japan(NACS-J) was established in order to expand our scope of nature conservation into whole Japan.
  • In 1960, our organization became the first incorporated foundation as a nature conservation organization.

Recent Outcome

  • Launching AKAYA project officially (2003)
  • Reach total number of NACS-J Nature Conservation Educator over 20,000 (2004)
  • Development of citizen-based monitoring tool for Satoyama (2005)
  • Convening international symposium "Convention on Biological Diversity - Linking National Biodiversity Strategy of Japan to the World" (2007)
  • Joining Count Down 2010 as first IUCN member in Japan (2007)
  • 30th Anniversary of NACS-J Nature Conservation Educator training program (2008) and, continue nature conservation activities with kindly supports from our 17,000 members.

What We do ?

Integrated Biodiversity Management

Nature conservation through recommendation, campaign and advocacy is our core task.
As the new phase in conservation, we promote AKAYA Project and AYA project which are regional biodiversity restration projects through multi-stakeholder dialogue.

Conservation Research

Sound science is basis for our conservation effort. We promote conservation of Satoyama* through citizen-based monitoring and develop Strategic Information System for Protected Areas(SISPA) in order to identify Important Natural Areas and analyze gaps between protected areas by GIS.

About "Satoyama"

Satoyama is rural landscape with various complexity in Japan which contains forest, rice paddy fields, grassland, stream, ponds and so on as well as social and cultural property. It has been maintained by traditional agriculture and minor subsistences. Satoyama provides various habitats in mosaic and maintain high biodiversity.

Communication and Publication

Environmental issues have not been resolved by just only scientific approach. Therefore we promote strategic communication for public awareness, citizen participatory approach and publish bimonthly magazine and other publications to provide new information and conservation methods.

Environmental Education

NACS-J has been advocating importance of environmental education from its beginning. We have provide the program for training " NACS-J Nature Conservation Educator", volunteers who are leaders for local nature watching and have conduct National Nature Survey for 15 years.

The Nature Conservation Society of Japan

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