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3.Actual Feeling Biodiversity Program

What does exactly "biodiversity conservation" mean? You never fully understand unless you experience biodiversity itself in your life and from near residence!
To understand its wonderful nature composed of diverse organisms, shall we enjoy feeling biodiversity as a first step and learn how to "feel" biodiversity by joining our "Actual Feeling Biodiversity Program" with special interpreter for local diverse nature. You ought to have good experience from the program by using five senses, i.e. watching, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and extra sixth sense.

We prepare two types of programs which you can apply, that are "NACS-J members and nature conservation educator" and "NACS-J supporting members".
Please join us to learn how to "feel" biodiversity and create "Way to Biodiversity" in your home area!!

How to Participate

Application opens 2 months before each program will hold.
Apply directly to respective program section at NACS-J office until its acceptance period
NACS-J staffs contacts you for confirmation of application through e-mail or direct mail.