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2. Biodiversity Conservationist's Guidebook

The guidebook which introduces activities of organizations, they love and manage the registered "Way to Biodiversity" sites for saving that field's biodiversity. This guidebook includes the nature trails (for walking and nature observation purposes) and examples of the registered places natural gifts (food, water, life, landscape and etc.) in the "Way to Biodiversity" sites.
NACS-J have expectations that readers will be supporters of keepers activities and take action to save "Way to Biodiversity" site's biodiversity.
After the project term, contents of the guidebook will release on the website "Sato-Moni" / Biodiversity Conservationists in Japan.

How to Participate

[Step 1] Download "Entry Sheet of Ecosystem Service Monitoring" and Exhibit #1.
[Step 2] Complete the entry sheet..
[Step 3] Take 3-5 pictures of representative landscape and/or typical animals and plants of the site, and/or your activities .
[Step 4] Send 2 and 3 to the NACS-J "Way to Biodiversity Project" group by mail or email (Subject: Application for Biodiversity Conservationist's Guidebook.)

Entry Sheet of Ecosystem Service Monitoring (Japanese Only)

Word/150KB PDF/178KB

Exhibit#1(Application Form for Biodiversity Conservationist's Guidebook ) (Japanese Only)

Word/40KB PDF/18KB

Application Deadline

End of January, 2010(2nd call)

How to Obtain Guidebook

The guidebook is scheduled to be published in June, 2010.
The marketing information of this guidebook will be announced on this websites