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1. Ecosystem Service Monitoring

Places where you can feel biodiversity or places which you wish to be conseerved for future in your neighborhood will be registered as "Way to Biodiversity". Then, we will record "Biodiversity (conditions of wildlife and/or nature)", "Ecosystem Services (nature's gifts; relationship between man and nature)" and "Citizenís Conservation Activities" of those places.

Monitoring items for "Ecosystem Services" include food, water, children's play areas, local events & festivals, religious item and so forth. These are literally the local cultures and livelihoods which have been cultivated by the gifts of and interaction with nature and have been acknowledged by local people in their daily lives and experience.
There has been no precedent for this kind of monitoring which sees local nature from the above mentioned viewpoint. We believe the outcome of this monitoring will be valuable information in the context of promoting the conservation as current state data of the nationís biodiversity which are recognized by local people with their senses.

Nationwide information on "Way to Biodiversity" will be analyzed with the NACS-J developed SISPA (Strategic Information System for Proactive Areas) and the results will be available on the website. Furthermore, we will make policy recommendations on conservation based on the results.

How to Participate

[Step 1] Download "Entry Sheet of Ecosystem Service Monitoring".
[Step 2] Write down information on "Places which you wish to be conserved" in accordance with the questions in the entry sheet, through observations and consultations with your friends and colleagues.
[Step 3] Send the completed entry sheet to the NACS-J "Way to Biodiversity Project" group by mail or email.

Entry Sheet of Ecosystem Service Monitoring (Japanese Only)

Word/150KB PDF/178KB

Application Deadline

End of January, 2010 (2nd call)

Notes for Application

  • On the entry sheet, each item is indicated whether it will be made public or not. Information provided will be made public either in status quo or summarized forms. If you have any information that you do not wish to be made public, please pay careful attention when you fill it out.
  • Among all the items on the sheet, please pay extra attention when you fill out information on endangered species, personal information and so forth, taking into account the impact of their publication.
  • It is unfortunately expected that the number of unwanted junk mail will increase if your email address is posted on the website.
  • Pictures provided will not be returned. We thank you for your understanding in advance.
  • In cases of a single organization registering more than one site, please use a separate entry sheet for each.