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5. Matching with CSR Activities

"A little more support would enable our activities to expand" We will look into such requests by citizen groups.
These requests include "We need someone who can help our activities", "We want to put up an information signboard at our activity site, but are short of materials and money", "We need to reserve a meeting room", "We would like to make a leaflet calling for nature conservation and would like to learn how to make it on the PC" and so forth.

At the same time we will look into local activities which companies are looking for in their CSR activities as well as their required conditions. Then we will call for support from willing companies in order to match citizen activities with CSR activities.

How to Participate

To activity groups requesting support

[Step1] Download "Entry Sheet of Ecosystem Services Monitoring" and Exhibit #2.
[Step2] Fill both out
[Step3] Send them to the NACS-J "Way to Biodiversity Project" group by mail or email (Subject : Application for Matching with CSR Activities).

Entry Sheet of Ecosystem Service Monitoring (Japanese Only)

Word/150KB PDF/178KB

Exhibit #2 : "Application Form for Matching with CSR Activities" (Japanese Only)

Word/47KB PDF/16KB

To companies having interest in social contribution

We are gathering requests for support from citizen groups working throughout the nation.
We are also looking forward to hearing from companies which are interested in supporting those groups for consultation and/or inquiry. Please contact NACS-J listed on the right side of this page.