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Project Leaflet (PDF/589KB)

Analysis results will be posted on SISPA (Strategic Information System for Proactive Areas)

What is "Way to Biodiversity" Project ?

This project encourages you to register nature which you wish to be conserved in your neighborhood or local community as "Way to Biodiversity" with a view to protecting it for future.
We call for places where
i)a variety of wildlife are inhabiting;
ii)you can feel and appreciate nature;
iii) conservation activities are held by local citizens and/or
iv)places which have been fostered and conserved by the local community over time.
They will subsequently be made public to further encourage their conservation.

All kinds of participatory projects will be planned so that we can work together with as many people as possible to address biodiversity conservation all over Japan.

The Tenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10) is to be held in Nagoya, Japan in 2010. We will take full advantage of this great opportunity to make advocacy based by the achievement of this project.

Come get involved in this meaningful project that will help you rediscover local nature's value throughout the nation and carry it forward into the future!

Who Can Participate?

*NACS-J members can enjoy tours at special membership prices
  General Public/NACS-J Members Conservation Groups Corporations
1.Ecosystem Service Monitoring * *  
2.Biodiversity Conservationist's Guidebook   *  
3.Actual Feeling Biodiversity Program * * *
4.Citizen-Based Surveys Festa * *  
5.Matching with CSR Activities   * *
6.Field Trip * *