About Us The Nature Conservation Society of Japan(NACS-J) Our policy is ensure healthy ecosystem and biological diversity based on scientific and social approaches.

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Directors & Secretariat

Chairman of the board of the Directors Akira KAMEYAMA, landscape architecture, landscape ecology, professor emeritus, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Executive Director Masahito YOSHIDA, chair of the Japan committee for IUCN, conservation ecology, world heritage studies, associate professor, University of Tsukuba
10 Directors, 3 Advisers, 2 Inspectors including university professors, museum curators, school teachers, journalists, etc
14 Trustees including university professors, museum curators, school teachers, journalists, etc
25 staff divided into: Conservation Project Division, Conservation Research Division, Education and Public Awareness Division, Editorial Division and Administration Division.

Organization Chart

Conservation Project Division

嵩onservation of the ecosystems of forests, rivers and streams,wetlands, coral reefs, traditional villages and their surrounding woodlands
愛ecommendations concerning the systems for nature conservation

Conservation Research Division

媲asic research necessary for conservation activities
愛esearch necessary to resolve conservation controversies
嵩ooperation and coordination with domestic and international nature conservation organizations (such as IUCN)

Education & Public Awareness Division

愁raining of nature conservation educators
感ublishing environmental education materials
感ublic relations activities to increase individual menberships

Editorial Division

感ublication of Shizen Hogo, the bimonthly bulletin
慌ebsite development and management

Administration Division

愚anaging the secretariat
廉eneral affairs , accounting, labor management, fund-raising

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