Way to Biodiversity Project

4. Citizen-Based Surveys Festa

Citizens who have been continuously conducting surveys on the natural environment across the country will meet together to share their results and accomplishments. Wide ranging networks of knowledge and people will be established through Power Point presentations, exhibit booths and session meetings to facilitate citizen-based surveys.

Survey data to protect local nature is an asset not only for the area but also for the whole nation. Please let us know about your survey activities including knowledge and/or any small details noticed during your survey.
The outcome of the presentation will be conveyed, taking advantage of the COP 10 opportunity.

How to Participate


The two day assembly will be held on a Saturday and Sunday in July, 2010 in Tokyo
Detailed information will be announced upon confirmation.

To those wishing to make a presentation

Application guidance and other necessary information for presentations will be provided in March 2010.
They will be made available as soon as the details are confirmed.

To those wishing to visit the presentation

Anyone is welcome to attend this assembly as a visitor.
Information including application will be made available as soon as the details are confirmed.